you want to learn about braces invisalign all our orthodontic treatment options in dallas tx

You Want To Learn About Braces, Invisalign & All Our Orthodontic Treatment Options in Dallas, TX

Available At Our Boutique Orthodontic Office The In Dallas, Highland Park, University Park & Park Cities, TX Area

If you are considering braces, invisalign, or orthodontic treatment for help improving your confidence, to treat a dental health issue, or to prevent damage to your teeth , Highland Park Orthodontics has a full range of braces, Invisalign, and orthodontic treatment options to fit your unique needs. Whether you want a high speed orthodontic treatment or a barely visible orthodontic treatment, Highland Park Orthodontics in the Dallas, TX has just the right choice for you.

Smiling with braces

Metal Braces – A Whole New Standard

Our conventional metal braces at Highland Park Orthodontics have evolved significantly beyond the braces patients wore 10 years ago. Prior to the new generation of orthodontic technology, brace wearers had to carefully clean and care for colorful rubber bands that would frequently snap and get food stuck in them. Highland Park Orthodontics the latest generation in orthodontic technology called “self-ligating braces.” These braces have a sliding door mechanism that holds the wire in place. These new state of the art braces not only work more rapidly than conventional metal braces, they are also easier to care for and better for your smile over all!

Clear Braces – Braces You Can Hardly See!

For our patients who do public speaking or often find themselves on camera, metal braces are not usually a workable option for people who need braces. To solve this problem, Highland Park Orthodontics is able to provide clear ceramic braces to our patients who need a more subtle form of braces. The brackets are transparent, as a result most people won’t even realize you are wearing braces!

Invisalign® – The Virtually Invisible Way To Straighten Your Teeth

Wearing braces usually means having to alter your everyday habits . Wearing wires brackets and wires, means having to employ a specially designed toothbrushes to reach in between brackets and beneath wires when you clean your teeth. With Invisalign®, offered by Highland Park Orthodontics, your smile-transformation process won’t require much change in your everyday routine! Not only that, but Invisalign® employs clear, plastic aligner trays that can be removed when eating and brushing. This lets you enjoy the fods you want, participate in your favorite sports, and play any instruments you want, without minus the most of the limitations that can come with conventional orthodontic braces. You simply brush your trays whenever you brush your teeth (after each meal) and be sure to swap out your trays for new ones every other week! It’s so stealthy, most people won’t even know your getting treatment!

At Highland Park Orthodontics Getting Started Is Easy

If you want to discover more about our HIghland Park Orthodontics Dallas, TX office - where we offer flexible and generous payment plans, where love kids, where we offer convenient hours and “drop in” service, and where we offer free post treatment check-ups for life …get started learing more about Highland Park Orthodontics in one of the following simple ways:

  1. Call 214-361-6644 to schedule a completely free exam, consultation & digital X-rays (regularly $249).
  2. Contact our office via our online form or call 214-361-6644 with your questions.
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