tooth whitening instructions

Tooth Whitening Instructions

Read the directions that come with the bleaching product. Below are a few very important additional general guidelines to follow when you whitening your teeth.

General directions for safe use of gel whitening products:

Remember, each product has special instructions so please read and follow the directions that came with the whitening product. The notes below contain tips on how to use the product sparingly and some general instructions for the product purchased at our office. Above all else, please use common sense; bleaching products can be harmful if misused.

  1. Using dress retainers, Invisalign aligners or any other full-coverage, clear retainer type of appliance; place a very small amount of bleach into the deepest part of the tray.
  2. Using the tip of the syringe spread the bleach so that it is evenly distributed from one side to the other then place the appliances in your mouth. There is no need to waste any of your bleach on the teeth that do not show when you smile.
  3. If at all possible, do not swallow the bleach as it foams up and begins to seep out of the tray. Spit the excess in the sink and continue wiping the bleach off of your gums with a damp washcloth, your damp finger or Q-tip to prevent permanent damage to your gums.
  4. If you become thirsty while bleaching, keep a glass of water with a straw ready and try to drink through the straw to avoid swallowing the bleach.

Once your teeth have reached the desired shade you will probably only need to use your   whitening product about once a week to maintain the result.

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